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  • Go-to-market

    G2M plan is where your traction starts

    We build roadmap, metrics dashboard, unit-economy, funnels and CJMs for your startup to take off

  • Outreach

    AI-powered conversations, customer databases, custom offers and scripts

    Your shortcut to customers in LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, Discord

  • Traffic

    Access 5 bln users via Meta, Google, Tencent, Bytedance, Alibaba

    Traffic teams deliver audience right to your landing, app or community

We got you covered
We aim to provide you with the best growth experience
G2M in 5 days, Traffic in 7
We save your time by systemising and optimising essential processes with low-code tools, verifying best talents and tools on the market and deliver all-rounded solutuion for your traction in few business days
You pay zero fees to us
We believe that cooperation should be direct, surpassing zillion of agents and middlemen on your way to the best marketing specialists, tools and teams
We improved 1000 times
Before we met you. Our leadership team has spent over 15k hours launching dozens of startups, testing out thousands of hypotheses and experiments. We are ready to back you up with all that experience and insights
NoMM is for your traction

Every company has a mission. Our mission is to deliver best marketing talent, teams and tools to enhance you in archieving your mission.

We build connection between startup's founders and best growth assets on the market. Our team is proud to offer key growth resourses - go-to-market strategy, traffic, outreach with no middlemen.

Konstantin Volgapov — NoMM partner, entrepreneur, two exits worldwide
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How customers speak about us
  • Artyom Ovchinnikov
    Founder at Fractal private investment club
    I've worked with Konstantin on my investment club product launch. In 10 days we prepared the entire product go-to market paln and in two weeks we reached $8000 in sales. I'm grateful for our work - you definately mastered product G2M and you know how to turn it into revenue. And bringing startup founder into the productive state is your superpower!
  • Fazil Suleimanov
    CBDO at Xfounders
    1. You quickly navigate new and complex projects, find weak points and understand what needs to be improved, since you have great insight and expertise.

    2. You see from above what many miss and highlight the paths of development. Moreover, from what you really like, you yourself work out a top-level action plan to achieve the goal and, in fact, by following this plan you achieve results.

    3. You make quick decisions and motivate those around you to do the same.

    4. You have incredible charisma and the energy with which you charge everyone around you - this helps a lot
  • Tony Minowski
    Managing partner at Greatleads
    I want to share my positive working experience with Konstantin in the context of my sales targets. We held five meetings and successfully reviewed several complex cases. Konstantin provided me with significant support and played the role of a sales mentor. It is very valuable to have such an ally with whom you can communicate both before a meeting with a client and immediately after in order to prepare, adjust the strategy or discuss important details.
  • Vito Mtsariashvili
    Co-founder at, angel investor
    I worked with Konstantin on a mentoring program and was very pleased. We solved many applied problems where Kostya has domain expertise: marketing, blogs, business hypotheses, applied tools in the operating system.

    Thanks for the acceleration, healthy reflection, tactical energy boosts and strategic shifts in thinking. Separately, I would like to note the flexibility with which we worked, that is, each catch-up decided what was important here and now, and was not built on the basis of a prepared program. I definitely recommend working with Konstantin if you want to wipe your windshield with an experienced eye from the outside in your professional and everyday life!
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3-6 month traction plan
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